• " It is really fun if you get to know the sport. This was my first time on the course.
    It was a fun activity. There's every possibility I will be back "
    11 year Student
  • " We have played this type of fun golf on Ipad and Nintendo. Coming out here today became really fun. I thought the golf we played today was fun. You get to angle shots your correctly. That's what I liked "
    10 year Student
  • " I enjoyed myself. We are coming back to this place again. We had a lot of fun"
    11 year Student
  • " Did you see the kids at the 10th tee? They were really attentive to what was happening there. They were really quiet. They learned so much. They would like to come back again. They had a good time today. "
  • " The entire program was so well organized. It was fantastic for the kids to be out here. It was a great opportunity for the kids to see top players. Hopefully they can play again. Andy (McCormick) emphasized on the values of the sport. One could see how enthusiastic these kids were "

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The driving force behind the Community Development programme at the Doha Golf Club is a desire to ensure that Qatar residents are provided with the best possible environment to participate in local, and healthy, sporting activities.

The United Through Golf team is committed to demonstrating the positive health and social benefits of recreational sport within the community through creativity, innovation and fun.

We aim to promote the physical, social and psychological benefits of recreational sport by providing you an opportunity to play, spend time with your family, friends or colleagues and enjoy activities.